Online security

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What you can do

ABN AMRO does its utmost to make its internet service as safe as possible. You can assist by following a few basic ground rules.

• Do not provide anyone your secret PIN Code, User ID number and/or DigiPass
The PIN Code of your DigiPass and your User ID number are for you only and must not be given to anyone else. Please also avoid having all information together and keep your personal DigiPass in a safe place.

• Do not leave your computer unattended when logged in
This is a basic rule. When you leave your computer, either disconnect or lock your computer.

• Check whether you are using a secure connection
You can verify whether your connection with ABN AMRO is secure (SSL level) by clicking on the lock pictogram in the status bar of your browser. You should then see that a certificate has been issued.

• Be careful when downloading software
When using the Internet or email, you run the risk of receiving a program or attachment that contains a virus. Such a virus can damage your computer and seriously compromise your computer’s security. To protect yourself, use a recognized anti-virus program. Never install a program if you are not certain of the source. Suspect sources include chat applications, unsolicited email and news groups. When downloading software, always check the certificates to verify the identity of the site in question and systematically scan the downloaded file with your anti-virus before opening.

• Install anti-virus program and firewall
Install a recognized anti-virus program and a personal firewall. A personal firewall is an application that can protect your computer against the outside world, and that warns you if someone attempts to access your computer when you are surfing the internet. Make sure that the anti-virus program is always active, even when you are not connected to the internet. Always install the latest updates and have a full virus scan of your computer performed regularly (e.g. weekly).

• Use the latest releases of your internet browser
Make sure you are using the latest version of your internet browser. Recent releases provide better protection, and security bugs discovered in the meantime are fixed.