Custodian services

ABN AMRO Luxembourg a reliable custodian bank

Under Luxembourg law, all regulated vehicles for alternative investments (including SIFs and SICARs) must appoint a custodian bank. This custodian bank must be a credit institution based in Luxembourg. The choice of the custodian bank by the investment vehicle must be approved by the Luxembourg financial sector supervisory authority, the CSSF.

Therefore, to launch a regulated investment vehicle, a reliable custodian bank with an excellent reputation in the local market is vital. ABN AMRO Luxembourg fully complies with these requirements.

Depending on the structure and legal regime applicable to the selected investment vehicle, the responsibility and function of a custodian bank may vary. Its fundamental duty is, however, the same for all regulated investment vehicles.

In our capacity as custodian we also perform, for the funds set up as a Fonds Commun de Placement, the operations concerning the day-to-day operational management of the assets within the investment vehicle. This relates to the collection of dividends, interests and proceeds of securities, exercise of options, notifications of corporate actions etc.

ABN AMRO also has Paying Agent Services for you.

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