Online portfolio management

The financial world is becoming more complex every year. Internationalisation, investment diversification and the abundance of information require financial professionals to use fast and reliable reporting tools that help them to keep up with those changes.

Bankvista is the web application for financial professionals. It allows you to optimise your performance. Bankvista is a multi-instrument, multi-currency portfolio management system designed to meet such needs.

The powerful system is capable of managing a significant number of portfolios, performing complex customer reporting, investment optimisation, trade/order management, performance monitoring and risk management functions, based on a state-of-the-art design with a flexible user interface which ensures its accessibility and suitability.

Bankvista is a system that handles processing of all types of financial products and services: shares, bonds, current accounts, commercial paper, funds, foreign exchange and more.

Access clients’ accounts via internet

Bankvista gives you access via the internet to your clients’ accounts, so you can view their portfolio, cash positions, deposits and borrowings, security positions and transaction history whenever and wherever you need.

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